What visitors are saying!

Had a great time at expo I didn’t get to meet you. I just wanted to say what an excellent job . I left the building full of positivity and happiness.

Tiffany Moses

Hi Lisbeth,Wanted to say thank you to you and Ed for the radiance and love that you shone on Saturday. It was so lovely to feel the care and passion you both put into the event. It is so beautiful the way you support each other. After seeing Ed’s Chi-Gong I will definitely have to try it.It was a privilege to be a part of

Jennifer Song

Dear Lisbeth,
I wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for organizing such an amazing event for all of us. It is truly a unique expo and surely represents the great talent and work every practitioner brings up forth. I know that I want to be part of this community & this event for as long as I’m here :)Dr.

Dr. Shahnaz Chowdhury

Good morning Lisbeth – congrats on another successful Expo! The vibe at the Holiday Inn is likely forever changed as a result of the positive vibrations at your event!

Beth Parojcic

Want to give thanks to you Lisbeth and Edward for and incredible event on Saturday. The contacts we made are invaluable………..our mission to help people with health issues and those looking to maintain health is just a little bit more fulfilled. There are SO many people in need. We were privileged to meet some amazing people who are looking for answers apart from Big Pharma and Allopathic Medicine. People who want a softer, more gentle and natural way to heal their bodies or to stay healthy in the way Mother Nature intended.

All the very best to you both and our appreciation for all your immense hard and heartfelt work in putting this Expo together.

James and Dana

Hi Lisbeth,I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an incredible wellness expo! I loved the energy and flow, and felt honoured to be amongst such amazing practitioners! Thank you!

Jacki Higenbottam

Hi Lisbeth!Thank you so much for a wonderful event again!!

Btw, the shirts were beautiful! They really stood out nicely. I received a lot of compliments from the participants that they really enjoyed the show!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer and I hope I can help out again next event.

With love,

Kim Stone

Thank- you so much for yesterday. I checked in with many of the attendees yesterday to ask how they were enjoying the day, everyone reported they were loving the show and said it was terrific value for $25.00. Your love and tireless efforts to spread the light are so appreciated and honored. Really enjoyed your talk as well. Many thanks to Edward as well for all his contributions.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Love & light,

Terri Kubasek

Hi Lisbeth,

Thank you so much for a great day! You and Ed are awesome!

Elizabeth Verge

VergeI just wanted to say thank you Lisbeth for inviting me to such a great event. I connected with so many lovely people. The energy was high and very pure. We all can see that you and Edward are truly sharing your life purpose and we are enjoying being the recipients!!!

Barbara Ptak

Hi Lisbeth,

I’m writing to thank you for a great day at the BWWE. It was a pleasure to meet and work among such a lovely, smiling group of practitioners and vendors, all with the aim of serving those who came to see us. I had a day filled with happy conversations and the opportunity to introduce to eager minds and hearts a new and simple approach to relieving everyday stress and uplifting the spirit. There were smiles of appreciation, shifts of energy and genuine interest in new ideas.

You and your team made the whole experience seamless and comfortable with your eye to detail and organization. Michael’s music was a beautiful complement to the day and it was clear that everyone, exhibitor or attendee, had a great time. I even re-connected with some friends from years ago who, like me, continue to love the work we do and the people we do our best to help and support.

Thanks and best wishes!



Dear Lisbeth and Edward,

Thank you for an amazing day and experience…all your hard work and commitment to better our community.

Lisbeth, you looked beautiful and your talk was amazing and from the heart. Everyone had tears in their eyes(including me). I can’t wait for the book. You are incredible and a blessing to all.

Ed, you were in your power as a healer and Qi Gong master I believe you will be teaching so many, and in your way. We need you teaching and healing others with your wisdom and gentle energy.

Wishing both of you a peace filled day!


Nina Menrai


Your motivational talk was exceptional.

Thanks for your efforts and your support,


Hi Lisbeth and Ed,

Thank you for doing such an amazing job organizing the expo as I realize it is a huge job. That is fantastic the level of success you created and positively impacting so many people. Awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this experience! You Rock!

Love and light to you and your family!


The Spiritual Awakening Mentor