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Coming to Burlington Spring 2020. Stay tuned.

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Burlington Spiritual Symposium & Expo - Sunday, March 28th, 2021, 11-1pm (Symposium), 1-6pm (FREE Expo)

Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Centre, 3063 S Service Rd, Burlington


OPENING SACRED SPACE: Carrie Chilcott (Bloodline Seer, Reiki Master & Spiritual Teacher) will begin the Symposium by honouring the 4 directions and opening Sacred Space for the day

COMMUNITY MEDITATION: Eleanor Vandenberg (Intuitive Energy Worker, Workshop Facilitator & Spiritual Guide) will guide the audience through a group meditation along with the soothing sounds of Michael Moon.




Speaker Bios

Michael Moon

Astrologist, International Recording Artist,

The Gift of Being on the ‘Spectrum’, A Blessing for Our Planet

After being diagnosed autistic as a child Michael went on to create a successful career as a musician and artist. He presents how the symptoms of autism have not only informed his art but helped him create it.

In embracing his unique journey he shows how important every different-ability, even the problematic ones, are essential to the spectrum of humanity and give us important perspectives that can help us thrive as a species in these changing times.

Get a preview of the beautiful message that Michael will be sharing through his art piece, Autistic Artistic. My journey with autism by Michael Moon

Sifu Edward Fregonese

Medical Qigong Practitioner, Tai Chi/Qigong Instructor, Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach and Zazen Meditation Facilitator

Energy Medicine and Self-Healing

The human body is a micro-universe governed by an intrinsic energy force. People are discovering what the ancients knew long ago – that our bodies are much more than a bag of skin and bones, a physical shell housing organs that keep us alive.

We are energy beings intrinsically linked through our body, mind and spirit to a universal energy that is the source of all manifestation. We are designed energetically as detectors, receptors, transmitters, and Quantum computers and through this complex and elaborate energetic system; our bodies have an amazing capacity, wisdom and ability for self-healing.

However, today we have become disconnected with this energetic healing system. Modern Science and medical systems are based on the effects of physical properties within an electro-magnetic spectrum that is limited by physical senses and our perception of reality. Energy Medicine goes beyond those limitations and is a revolution in human consciousness.

Researchers in the Eighties defined Energy Medicine as any energetic or informational interaction with a biological system to bring back homeostasis in the organism. In this talk, Sifu Edward will explore the practice of Energy Medicine in relation to self-healing. We will look at energy systems and practices that bring the energy dimension back into human healing for health, wellness and longevity.

Gaisheda Kheawok – Messenger of the Mother

Tribal Peace Elder, a Tribal Psychotherapist, Tribal Astrologer, Medicine Person and Shamanic Priestess

The Rainbow Bridge Prophecy

In this time of Great Change join us for an alignment to the 5th dimension as we consciously choose to raise our vibration and frequencies so that we are able to build together the crystal rainbow bridge of light with the Inter-Dimensional Beings  from all aspects of The Divine. 

Each of us is a awakened soul.  Join us as we birth together with our brethren the 5th Dimension on the Earth and align to our individual and collective Truth. So Be It.

Gaisheda Kheawok is the Founder/Executive Director of the Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine – an innovative School delivering holistic psychoeducational programs for individuals seeking personal growth and practitioners interested in progressive professional development.  

Gaisheda is on faculty and is a Member of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), the Canadian Association for Integrative Energy Therapies (CAIET), and is member of the Seneca Indian Historical Society and the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). 


Burlington Holiday Inn & Conference Centre
3063 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON, L7N 3E9

Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Centre, 3063 S Service Rd, Burlington

Spring 2020, Burlington Spiritual and Wellness Marketplace