The Spiritual and Wellness Marketplace

Sheilagh Mercer – A member of our community   Artist, Medical Intuitive & Reiki Practitioner.

Our 2018 Oakville show was able to support the lovely Sheilagh Mercer as the Angel Network recipient.


Sheilagh Mercer is a local self employed intuitive artist, art instructor, medical intuitive and animal communicator who lives in Burlington and has been an active member in the holistic wellness community for many years. Sheilagh provides custom art pieces such as sacred drums, wood carvings, prints using multimedia techniques, Spirit Art sessions and also teaches art at the Burlington Senior Centre. She participates in supporting others through wellness fundraisers, expos, and is always generous and kind in supporting others within the community.

Sheilagh is currently struggling with some serious health issues that have escalated recently, and she is having difficulty working as an instructor and produce the art work she depends on for her income. Sheilagh is combining a conventional and a holistic approach in dealing with her health issues and her efforts are focused on healing. Sheilagh has been suffering from Chronic Illness since the 80’s; from bacterial infections, kidney stones, partial paralysis, scoliosis that has affected her jaw, neck and spine, arthitis and chronic fatigue due to a periodontal infection as well as suffering a stroke several years ago.

While she is on this healing journey, the help and support of this community is priceless and so greatly appreciated. 100% of the proceeds collected through this year’s Angel Network Silent Auction will be going directly to support Sheilagh’s recovery.
Thank you so much for your kindness & generosity.
Your Wholistic Wellness Communities Team