2019 Spiritual Symposium & Expo Sunday, April 14, 2019, Symposium: 10 am - 1 pm / Expo: 1 pm - 6 pm,

Burlington Holiday Inn & Conference Centre

WELCOME to Wholistic Wellness Communities,

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The Wholistic Wellness Communities team is so excited to bring you our first ever Spiritual Symposium & Expo this spring. We invite you to join us on Sunday, April 14th at the Burlington Holiday Inn & Conference Centre for an amazing day of Community, Meditation, Live Music, Speakers, Dozens of Exhibitors & more!

This one-day event features two exciting components (Symposium & Expo) and is an exceptional and fun way for you to meet with many like minded souls. It is also a fantastic way to shop, experience, and connect with everything you love about spirituality, health and wellness. This is such a great day as everything is under one roof!

Wholistic Wellness Communities have been running Spiritual/Wellness expos since 2012 and to celebrate our 7th year in the Burlington community, we are getting back to our roots by hosting a gathering in the morning to start off what is sure to be a beautiful day. Our Symposium will take place from 10-1pm (more details below), with the Expo beginning at 1pm and continuing until 6pm.

Symposium: The morning gathering will include a mix of Community Meditation, Opening Sacred Space (4 Directions), Qi Gong, 4 Inspiring Speakers, Live Music, South African Dancers (Izimba Arts) and more!



Expo: Get ready to enjoy FREE admission into our afternoon Expo. This will include access to our FREE workshop series, our Non-Profit/Charity Village as well as the opportunity to explore over 50 unique exhibitors!

Angel Network: We will also continue to run our Angel Network which has raised over $40,000.00 to local charities and individuals who have needed the Angel Community behind them.

For those of you that are interested in services offered by practitioners, you will have the opportunity to receive services much more readily as there will no longer be line ups to get a reading of any kind, Reiki session, Card Readings, Thai Massage, Channeling, Mediumship, Ayurvedic Treatments and so much more!

You can simply walk up to any practitioner and have your service provided either immediately, or when your time is scheduled. (please note, practitioners may charge a small fee for service)

We love offering these community events in the Spring to bring everyone the Holistic Community out to connect and re-connect together, as well as in the fall just before everyone breaks for the holiday season.


THE SYMPOSIUM (10am-1pm) includes:

• The Opening of Sacred Space – The Four Directions.

• Morning Meditation bringing EVERYONE together into a beautiful unified energy.

• Qi Gong for everyone to clear, move and enhance the energy field within and around us.

• Music & Dancers for the half time show.

• 4 Diverse Speakers:

1) Speaker: Lisbeth Fregonese, Founder of Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre and Wholistic Wellness Communities.
Topic: “Soul Rising: Allow your Soul to be your Guide in Life”

2) Speaker: Kale Black, Energy Worker & Environmental Advocate.
Topic: “We Are The Earth: Simple Ways to Affect Positive Change”

3) Speaker: Simone Usselman-Tod Coach, Community Organizer, Health & Wellness Practitioner.
Topic: “Mind, Body & Spirit: Embracing Your Brilliance & Living an Empowered Life”

4) Speaker: Clarissa Vasquez of Green Relief
Topic: “The Healing Journey with Medical Cannabis”

5) Enjoy the live music of Michael Moon as well as the popular African dancers from Izimba Arts performing traditional Gumboot & Zulu dances.



• Admission to the afternoon Expo will be FREE for attendees

• More than 50 exhibitors offering services & merchandise specific to Spirituality + Wellness.

• This could include (but not be limited to) modalities such as: Reiki, Energy Workers, Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Crystals/Gemstones, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Sound Healing, Garments/Clothing, Herbalism, Ayurvedic Medicine, Mindfulness & more! (see “List of Practitioners & Vendors)

• The Spiritual Expo will also feature workshops offered throughout the day in addition to the dozens of exhibitors for the public to enjoy.

• Non-Profit and/or Charity booths will also be present, promoting ways to get involved in our Community, so that we can ALL become part of the solution in serving where needed and where we enjoy it.


The Oakville Spiritual & Wellness Marketplace was very proud to have been of service to Sheilagh Mercer as the Angel Network recipient.

Stay tuned to see who we will be supporting with our upcoming Symposium/Expo.


Sheilagh Mercer is a local self employed intuitive artist, art instructor, medical intuitive and animal communicator who lives in Burlington and has been an active member in the holistic wellness community for many years. Sheilagh provides custom art pieces such as sacred drums, wood carvings, prints using multimedia techniques, Spirit Art sessions and also teaches art at the Burlington Senior Centre. She participates in supporting others through wellness fundraisers, expos, and is always generous and kind in supporting others within the community.Sheilagh is currently struggling with some serious health issues that have escalated recently, and she is having difficulty working as an instructor and produce the art work she depends on for her income. Sheilagh is combining a conventional and a holistic approach in dealing with her health issues and her efforts are focused on healing. Sheilagh has been suffering from Chronic Illness since the 80’s; from bacterial infections, kidney stones, partial paralysis, scoliosis that has affected her jaw, neck and spine, arthitis and chronic fatigue due to a periodontal infection as well as suffering a stroke several years ago.

While she is on this healing journey, the help and support of this community is priceless and so greatly appreciated. 100% of the proceeds collected through this year’s Angel Network Silent Auction will be going directly to support Sheilagh’s recovery.
Thank you so much for your kindness & generosity.
Your Wholistic Wellness Communities Team



Burlington Holiday Inn & Conference Centre
3063 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3E9

Burlington Holiday Inn & Conference Centre