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Testimonials March 2014
Dear Lisbeth, You are one phenomenal woman with an incredible vision and passion! The expo was AMAZING!!! I can't stop talking about it to everyone Warm Regards, Dr. Shahnaz Hi Lisbeth, I hope you're still riding the high from such a successful and meaningful expo. What an energy filled, amazing day! I had so many wonderful conversations and made some true connections with both practitioners and attendees that I feel inspired and regenerated. Thank you so much for inviting BCSS to play a part! Again, my sincere thank you for your support, encouragement and friendship. Bests, Catherine Gwinnett Hello Lisbeth, Maya and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be apart of such a wonderful event. The Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo was definitely unlike anything we've ever experienced. It was a delight to revel in the energy, and to meet all the beautiful people that we did. It was truly an honor to be apart of the show. We're definitely looking forward to doing it all again in September. :) Much Love & Light, Rob & Maya Thank you Lisbeth, This couldn't have happened without your Vision. Carrie Chilcott That was the MOST AMAZING expo! SO much great feedback. Truly a JOB WELL DONE! Thank you. Susan Stephens I definitely enjoyed the expo!!!  I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to both you and Ed for all the work you have done to make this wonderful event possible.  I understand and saw that you had a lot of helper that were fundamental in also making the expo such a success and I ask that you please pass on my gratitude to them too.  I am so proud and grateful to be a part of the Burlington Wholistic Wellness group family.  Again my thanks to you and Ed for making this wonderful community event possible.  I look forward to our September community gathering.   Kathy Gloge Lisbeth, I heard from a vendor that your expo was another raging success! I am sorry I couldn't have been there. Nonetheless, just wanted to say I think you have the best expo going. Your and Edward's personal energy are definitely what attracts the great practitioners. Congratulations on your success, and, am very much looking forward to participating in September! Nancy Scott Hi Lisbeth, As usual you did a wonderful job.  So well organized. Christine Ng I thought the Expo went very well on Saturday and was extremely well organized for everything that was going on.  A few of the attendees also commented that it was well organized and things were running smoothly. Thank you for a great day!  Looking forward to September! Dr. Cheryl Pokszywka Hello to my dear sister of the heart,   Thank You for sharing your gift of shouting to the treetops about all of us who are being of service to others. By following your path and guidance, You have brought to the forefront everyone who is passionate about what they do. Also have given a place for those seeking love and joy in their lives to come and experience.   I had so many people seeking answers who had never experienced my services before, leaving with what the Angels wanted them to receive. Many lives were touched in such a beautiful way. From every practitioner who was there.   Archangel Gabrielle (or Gabriel) is strongly with You and has been giving her support and trumpeting the show to all those who needed to be present.   I appreciate all of the love and support that both You and Edward have put forth to all of the practitioners and all those whose lives You touch. May You continue to be the light to others and may your path continue to bring You joy, and so it is.   Love You. Angel Blessings, Barbara Kawa Spiritual Teacher Hi Lisbeth, I really enjoyed the show and the energy. My friend Judy did as well. Thanks Marcia Culbert Hey Lisbeth, Thanks again for organizing this show, I know it takes a lot of time and effort on your part and it worked out great. Dr. Jeremy Brown I know putting on the Expo was a lot of work. I’m sure you are still recovering:) You did a fabulous job. Congratulations! I loved Michael Moon’s music. I can’t wait to listen to the CD’s I purchased. Susan Kirschling Hello Sweetness, Did I mention my gratitude for how wonderful the Expo was! Wow best I’ve ever attended as a vendor. Terri Kubassek Hey Lisbeth, I have finally come down to earth after flying so high for 2 days.  I want to say again a huge THANK YOU for everything you have done for me. You helped me sooo much, more than you know. You have truly organized a wonderful community expo.  We are all very blessed to know you. Love you, again thank you. You ARE the best. Love & Blessings SharonPsychic Medium Hi Lisbeth, I could not fall asleep and was still buzzing from all the positive energy from the day!! Just wanna thank you for organizing that event :) my friend and I truly enjoyed ourselves!! See you soon. Joelle Roose Hi Lisbeth, Just wanted to say I thought the expo went really well. I had really good feedback from my crowd! Thanks for all the hard work! Roma Black Dear Lisbeth, I am still vibrating in the amazing love frequency we all created together yesterday. What you and Ed and all your helpers put together was without exaggeration the best Expo I was ever part of! I am feeling so very blessed for having had both my daughters experience this as well, so happy for everybody who came out and grateful for your energy holding it all together. Most of the people I had sold tickets to stayed all day - including one client of mine in a wheel chair! That says something in itself! The way you started as a community and ended with your beautiful meditation was absolutely perfect. I loved the day and cannot wait for September! Many many thanks and hugs to you and Ed, Angelika Baum Lisbeth, The Expo was wonderful!! Thanks for putting on such an amazing event!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met all sorts of fabulous people.   Hope you are able to relax today and relish in a job well done! Thanks again! Connie Kowalski Good Morning Lisbeth! Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing show yesterday! I really, really, really enjoyed myself and meeting so many wonderful passionate people! I loved that we (vendors/practitioners) were able to sit in on the morning lectures - great topics! You could literally feel the positive energy escalating with every word or music note that came out of the speakers-it was so beautiful and pure! To be honest, this has been the only show I have ever attended where I left feeling amped and still really hyper! Usually I am "toast" after spending the day interacting with so many people! We  event went to a surprise birthday part afterwards -  and I was still going until the early morning. lol Also,  I was lucky enough to be able to slip away and try your husband's Qi Gong workshop (which I had always wanted to try) and absolutely loved it! This class also is probably another big factor in my late night hyper-ness! ahah I am now looking for these classes in my area! Thank you for such a great day, it definitely renewed and re-established my passion for why I am doing what I do! LOL The kinds of people and the positive energy/ high vibration I felt also renewed my outlook that are so many pure souls reaching for the same goal in the world - never mind the next city over lol!  It was awesome to experience so many souls with the same universal goal -  to raise the vibration and bring more light into this world -  I am pretty confident that we have our "nook" the world covered ahahaha I can't thank you enough for inviting me and letting me be a part of such a great event! Have a great Sunday - hopefully you can relax and soak in your amazing accomplishment! Amy Bonin xoxox Hi Lisbeth, I just wanted to thank you and Edward for putting together a beautiful event yesterday. I know you've been incredibly busy with this and I'm sorry I didn't get to give you an Indian head massage yesterday.  I would be thrilled to offer you a full 30 minute treatment on the house as a way of thanking you for such a wonderful day. Melissa Seipmann Hi Lisbeth and Edward We just wanted to drop in a quick line and say thank you as always for a great day and bringing together a great group of people Hopefully you'll both get some downtime in the next few day! Thanks again we had a great time Xox Roopa and Neha Thank you for today...you are an amazing lady!! So much gratitude for what you have created ! Nina Menrai Hi Lisbeth - Thank you for the wonderful experience of the Expo - you are amazing!!! I know it took more than you to create the expo, but you have amazing energy! Oh, yes, and I paid for Sandy with cash this morning. Thanks also for the great testimony about Saladmaster today- it is much appreciated. Debbie Baird Hi Lisbeth, I just wanted to say that you did an absolutely fantastic job with putting together the Burlington Wholistic Wellness expo. There was such a great turnout of people and some really solid practitioners throughout. I loved the venue, and just wanted to say thank you for creating such a beautiful event! Best regards, Jillian Wiseborg My dear Lisbeth, You truly are an incredible woman, and so excited for your vision coming together so well. I totally appreciate the effort you put into this passion and I know it comes from such a genuine and authentic place. You and Ed are an amazing team and you are changing lives in so many ways. Not a job for the faint of heart! I am sure you need a bit of recuperation after the busy weeks leading to your spectacular event. So thought some pseudo sunflowers might be appropriate. Sending love and light and lots of beautiful energy to you and your family. Hugs Simone Sent from Simone Usselman-Tod Hi Lisbeth, I just want to send you a big thank you for the fantastic show that you and your team put together for saturday. This was my first time as a vendor and I was so so so impressed with so many things; organization, amount of people walking through, the practitioners, your friendly volunteers, the hotels helpfulness, speakers etc....... What really stuck out and resonated with me was your talk on love.......it really hit home. I don't know much about what you do and your specialty but I'd love to learn more and come out for a consultation. Once again thanx! Kina Peric Great show, one of the best i've been too with the free demos. Great atmosphere and people. thanks Lisbeth Lynda Reed Hi Lisbeth, What a wonderful event last Saturday. I trust you are well and getting some rest from your huge outpouring of energy over the last few weeks.  I so appreciate being part of it. Thank you. Love and light Ruth Finlay
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